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Evergreen Gate News

New at Evergreen Gate

  • The new season at Evergreen Gate is just beginning.
  • We have a lot of bookings already for summer and fall, please book early to reserve your space in the top rated B & B on Trip Advisor (in the Selkirk and St. Andrews area).
  • Ice fishing shacks have been removed some fishers are still out there on the ice, but they're keeping a close watch on the ice thickness under their trucks.
  • Spring is on its way, the ice will soon break up and a flood is expected. We are completely safe because we are well above the Red River. We'll get to watch the proceedings from the comfort of our living room.
  • The fireplaces that we installed are adding a cosy atmosphere to the Asian, Heritage and Safari rooms.
  • We aren't doing a birding weekend package this year, but already owls are active in our forest. An eastern screech owl sat on our front railing for 2 hours the other day enjoying the warmth of the sunshine. The squirrels and rabbits had better be extra vigilant this spring.
  • Soon the warm weather will bring the flowers and the yard work. Hope you will join us for a great Manitoba Summer!

Happening in the Area

  • Thanks to our cold weather, ice-fishing is in full swing - there are many ice-fishing shacks on the Red River. Lots of snow for snow-mobiling, too.
  • Winter-lovers - this is your time!

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